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Vermillion Watch: London Howling Collector's Edition
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Happy Independence Day!

Take part in our Holiday Quiz and get an amazing free gift from

This is a perfect chance for all fans to test their knowledge of the US history and traditions!

Take part in our Holiday Quiz to receive the most addictive free game collection and enjoy Independence Day together with our games!

Please click the box near correct answer. One correct answer is possible.

  1. When did the United States become independent?

  2. 1778
  3. What country did the United States become independent from?

  4. Great Britain
  5. How many American colonies were there?

  6. 15
  7. Whose Resolution was the basis for the Declaration of Independence?

  8. Richard Henry Lee
  9. What colony was not at once included to the Declaration?

  10. New York
  11. Who was appointed to draft a statement presenting to the world the colonies' case for Independence?

  12. A Committee of five
    A Committee of six
    A Committee of seven
  13. Whom was the document written originally?

  14. Jefferson
  15. How long did the process of the Declaration consideration continue?

  16. more than 2 days
    more than 1 day
    less than 1 day
  17. Who was the first to sign the sheet of the Declaration parchment?

  18. John Adams
    John Hancock
    Roger Sherman
  19. How many distinct parts are there in Declaration?

  20. 5

    Please fill in the following questions as well to see your results and get our free Holiday Gift.

    Any information you provide will never be disclosed to any third party and is collected with the aim to provide you with the best content only.

  21. How do you prefer to celebrate The Independence Day?

  22. with family and friends making barbecue
    alone watching TV
    working hard
    playing games
    a different way
  23. What games do you like playing most of all?

  24. action/arcades
    matching puzzles
    hidden-objects puzzles
    word/board games
  25. Your are

  26. Lady
  27. Your age is

  28. 10-20 years
    20-35 years
    35-50 years
    50 and more
  29. You live in

  30. USA
    South America
    Other place
  31. How often do you buy games on our site?

  32. once a week
    once a month
    once a year
    never bought
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