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Game description: If you are a good shooter with a keen eye and firm arm - visit our shooting gallery. This simple arcade game allows you to test your shooting skills and relaxe after work. Shoot the target with your mouse and get as more points as possible in 30 seconds.

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Bistro Stars Click-o-Trickz! Bubblez! Greatest Artists: Jigsaw Puzzle Twinz!
Bistro Stars Click-o-Trickz! Bubblez! Greatest Artists: Jigsaw Puzzle Twinz!
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Total number of comments : 9

its nice
This game is soooooo boring. Shoot targets. They don\'t even make it fun by making the targets look like something else. This is totally a children\'s shooting game. PATHETIC!
very good game
sweet ass game
The game is alright nothing realy special about it, just a basic shooter. I got bored with it the first 30 seconds I played it.
childrens game
Amit Sen
this game is absolutely fantastic. is it possible to send me one free copy which was playing offline. if it is possible kindly see it my email id i.e. i am waiting your replythanks

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