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Mahjong Duels Tips & Tricks

Let us also give you a few tips and tricks to win mahjong duels. In the bottom right, there are two spaces for the tiles. This means that you can pick any mahjong tile, and find the pair later. This feature is particularly useful when the identical tiles overlap, or you cannot match pairs effectively because an odd tile interferes with solving the puzzle. If by chance both spaces are taken by odd tiles, undo your last move or spare a jewel to unlock an extra space.

In the competitive multiplayer games, speed is of ultimate importance. Don't hesitate to use various hints to help you solve the puzzle. If the Mahjong Solitaire is multilayered and you cannot observe the open tiles clearly, click the Eye icon to highlight them. Use the Lightbulb to find pairs once you are at a loss. Finally, take a chance to swap two tiles on the board. If you choose wisely, it can really make a difference in the tile-matching game. All the boosters cost jewels, but they give you an advantage over your rival. If you play free games for 2 players online, you know it's worth it.

So, we hope that our tips & tricks bring you victory in this pair-matching game online. And though it's hard to always win, the winning streak of 5 mahjong duels is your chance to unlock a new location and collectible cards. If not, you can ask the rival to rematch, or give them the same courtesy in the multiplayer Mahjong Solitaire game online.